Taming the Chaos

Dear Friends,

The summer of 2018 will hopefully bring to us times for rest and relaxation. It also brings the baggage of anxiety as we navigate a world that some days seems turned on its head. You can select the reasons from a full palette of never-expected events: political gamesmanship, changing regulations, job uncertainties, uncertain bond markets, a growing culture of hate, a never-ending display of divisive tweets. Each of us finds personal ways to get through the day, but I thought I would send to you a simple story – a fairy tale, really – that has helped some of us here at the Witt-Lippincott Team find balance and peace.

A Queen asked her people to draw pictures of peace. Everyone in the kingdom—children, teenagers, and grown-ups—thought hard about peace. What did it really mean? Hundreds of pictures were eventually brought to the palace for the Queen to consider. She looked them over carefully for they displayed so many thoughtful reflections about what peace looked like. Finally, the Queen selected just two drawings. She called all her people together to show them what she found.

When she held up the first drawing, it drew gasps of delight and approval from the crowd. It showed a large, peaceful lake, with mountains in the background and a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Everyone agreed that this was indeed a picture of peace.

Then the Queen held up the second picture. It, too, had mountains, but they were steep and craggy. The sky was dark, filled with black clouds and jagged lightning. One could tell that the wind was blowing, because the trees were leaning sharply into the wind. Instead of a peaceful lake, the drawing showed a turbulent waterfall. The people of the kingdom didn’t understand why the Queen would have chosen to show them this drawing.

When questioned, the Queen said, “This is indeed a picture of chaos. But, look! Down here near the waterfall is a thick bush. In the bush is a nest. In the nest is a bird, sitting peacefully, diligently doing what a bird is supposed to do. Look into your hearts to see how you can be the calm, peaceful center of your own daily world. Share that peace with all those around you so that together you can begin to tame the chaos that seems so overwhelming.”*

What does this have to do with real estate, you say? Changing nests is one of the biggest events of our lives. It involves a lot of money, sometimes a lot of stress, and certainly big decisions. Sometimes it is buffeted by events in the world. So selling and purchasing a home is a very good time to center on the peace within ourselves. (It’s also a good time to recognize that people on the other side of the transaction may be feeling just the same! After all, we are all in this together, folks!)

The Witt-Lippincott Team works hard to make every real estate transaction smooth for our clients, even in turbulent times. Bill Shelton, Caroline Masters, Ernie Tracey, Janet Lippincott and myself offer a combined 90 years of experience. 90 years of successful settlements!

Thank you for thinking of us as your realtor. Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions about today’s real estate market. Have a restful and restorative summer!

Loretta C. Witt

*This simple story is adapted, with some liberties, from “A Portrait of Peace” in Stories to Nourish the Hearts of Our Children in a Time of Crisis, compiled by Laura Simms in 2001 and brought to our attention by our friend, Barbara Baumgartner.

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