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First off, let me clarify that my partner and I are both highly analytical and have a ridiculously high bar for the professionalism of those we interact with. Also worth noting that the entirety of our work with Jennifer occurred during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Given those two combined challenges – it’s amazing that Jennifer exceeded our expectations in so many ways and became a vital member of our “moving to Philadelphia” team. From our initial video conference where Jennifer guided our discussion around what we were looking for through all the remote video tours and numerous failed offers in a crazily escalating market, she was prompt in answering our questions and making arrangements for us to get additional information and insights. At this point, It’s worth noting our four star rating in the area of Negotiation. The quarantine market was difficult for everyone to navigate and we probably had more time to peruse online listings than Jennifer did, so a majority of the properties we had interest in were self-identified. This in combination with it being such a seller’s market that there was little room for negotiation meant that while we witnessed amazing negotiation by Jennifer, I feel it’s was impossible for anyone to be exceptional in this area during this period. Having said there were definitely ways in which Jennifer’s skills were more valuable in the pandemic market. She made arrangements for a professional inspector to either physically accompany us or be our remote proxy on house tours. She also went above an beyond during a period where we were giving serious consideration to a house in New Jersey, a market she was not licensed to serve us in. Even though it meant no potential income for her, she took the time to tour the property and do research on the area for us. In the end, once we started the process of bidding and then closing on our new house, I feel we witnessed Jennifer at her best. She was dogged in her efforts to get us in for a virtual tour, get our bid in front of the sellers and then focus on getting all required information exchanges conducted between relevant parties and institutions. She was appropriately aggressive, calming, direct and responsive through-out the closing process and was exceptionally professional in bringing her local market insights to the process. In the end, Jennifer really excelled in providing a more comprehensive service above buying a house – she helped us identify a property in a community we are growing to love and through her efforts, we truly felt “at home” the moment we walked through the door of our new house

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